Personalities 2022


Margrethe VESTAGER

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Competition

Guillaume POUPARD

Managing Director, ANSSI


Vice-President of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Marie-Laure DENIS

President, CNIL


Rugby player, former French international (63 caps)

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about the FIC

François STEPHAN

Managing Director / ECE

The FIC contributes to showcasing all cybersecurity professions, particularly through the EC2 (European Cyber Cup) competition. Something really needed, since the industry lacks talented staff!


Partner / Wavestone

Congratulations to the whole team for this superb event, which stands out for its depth and the breadth of topics addressed!


CISO EMEA / Schneider Electric

The FIC has become an unmissable event for peer-to-peer exchanges on current and future cybersecurity issues. We had a round table discussion on IOT in an industrial context.



What is unique about the FIC is this interesting balance between public and private stakeholders, between the research world and the service providers, and between professionals and young innovators. All in a truly European dimension.

Thierry TROUVÉ

Managing Director / GRT GAZ

What a pleasure to meet again in person for this successful edition of the FIC, with the spotlight on ‘Cybersecurity for Industry’ for the first time. The number of participants, and the density and quality of the exchanges showed the growing importance that manufacturers now attach to the cybersecurity of production systems. A great opportunity to bring in and raise awareness among our OT teams. See you next year!

« Shaping Europe’s digital future ».

Europe has no shortage of digital assets, but it lacked a unified and ambitious discourse. In March 2021, the Commission showed the way by launching its “Digital Decade” programme. The place of cyber security in this strategy is essential. In a strategic context marked by the domination of the two digital superpowers and the explosion of cyber threats, it is both the keystone and the spearhead… [Read more]


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